Opponent(s) Outcome
Unknown Duelist Win
Don Piero & Obelisk Force (w/Jaden Yuki) Win
Yuto Naito & Yuya Sakaki (w/Sayer) No Result
Sora Perse Win
Kokichi Oma No Result
Kakashi Hatake No Result
Chazz Princeton (w/Aster Phoenix) Win
5 Unknown Duelists Win
Grace Tyler Win
Issei Hyodo No Result
Alexis Rhodes Win
Trey Grayson Win
Kite Tenjo No Result
Yuno Gasai Win
Shay Obsidian No Result
Yuma Tsukamo Win
Nymph Win
Hotaro Oreki & Natsuru Senou No Result
Celina Tsuki Win
Chazz Princeton, Shay Obsidian, & Sylvio Sawatari Win
Gundham Tanaka, Komaru Obsidian, & Mikan Tsumiki No Result
Yuto Naito Win
Kokichi Oma Win
Akiza Izinski Win
Rias Gremory No Result
Yuya Sakaki Lose
Sora Perse & Yuya Sakaki Lose
Esdeath & Jellal Fernandes (w/Yuya Sakaki) Win
Sam, The Spirit of Halloween Win
Kokichi Oma No Result
Sayer Win
Yuto Naito Draw

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