Duels Edit

Opponent(s) Outcomes
Gong Strong No Result
Galleom (w/Asuka Ryona, Bastion Misawa, Gong Strong, Gundham Tanaka, Lulu Aizawa, Satellizer L. Bridget, Shay Obsidian, & Wanda Ozaki) Win
4 Juvenile Officers (w/Sylvio Sawatari) Win
8 Buggy Clowns (w/Anna Kozuki & Junko Perse) Win
13 School Security Guards (w/Chihiro Fujisaki & Leo Ruka) Win
Kagero Yabuki No Result
Yuya Sakaki Lose
Anna Kozuki & Applejack Smith (w/Wanda Ozaki) Win
3 Juvenile Officers (w/Kagero Yabuki & Pinkie Pie) Win
Yang Long Win
Kite Tenjo Win
Crow Hogan Win
Kagero Yabuki Lose

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