Duels Edit

Opponent(s) Outcomes
Erza Scarlet Lose
Marduk Win
Lumis & Umbra (w/Erza Scarlet) Win
Rock Lee & Tenten Tamura (w/Erza Scarlet) Win
Gus Grav & Volt Luster (w/Erza Scarlet) Win
Jack Atlas & Sasuke Uchiha (w/Erza Scarlet) Lose
3 Juvenile Officers (w/Bastion Misawa & Sylvio Sawatari) Win
Akane Owari Lose
Weevil Underwood Win
Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu; Gonta Gokuhara; Yuno Gasai No Result
Knight of Hanoi Win
14 Assassin Angels (w/Aster Phoenix, Hibari Bosa, Nekomaru Nidai, & Wanda Ozaki) Win

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