Opponent(s) Outcome
Dennis Macfield Draw
Espa Roba, Rex Raptor, & Weevil Underwood (w/Jack Atlas & Yuya Sakaki) Win
Kalin Kessler Lose
4 Underground Duelists (w/Jack Atlas, Tenten Tamura, & Wanda Ozaki) Win
Russell Thrush Win
Gaara Lose
Kan'u Uncho & Ryofu Housen (w/Fuyuhiko Kuzuryu) Win
3 Juvenile Officers (w/Anna Kozuki) Win
7 Juvenile Officers (w/Chazz Princeton, Kaede Sakura, & Shay Obsidian) Win
8 Juvenile Officers (w/Chazz Princeton, Kaede Sakura, Lync Volan, & Shay Obsidian) Win
8 Buggy Clowns (w/Gundham Tanaka & Yumi Vandrille) Win
16 School Security Guards (w/Asuka Ryona, Reginald Kastle, & Rock Lee) Win
3 Juvenile Officers (w/Lync Volan & Zoro Roronoa) Win
Zuzu Boyle Win
Crow Hogan Lose
Yuya Sakaki Lose

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